Summ( )n is a team of experienced and passionate professionals that helps to those who want to create ‘the new’ (as a bonus we can also help to destroy ‘the old’).

This ‘new’ may mean different things for different people: some need to develop new products, others are working on a new service; some are building a new brand, others are in search of a new business model – or want to change an entire organizational culture.

Summ( )n helps to achieve these goals by offering three main domains of expertise:

We help in exploring futures — the futures of industries and markets, of cultures and societies, and the futures of your own enterprise. We don’t tell about the ‘latest trends’, we help our clients to sense the future signals themselves, to make sense of these signals together with us, and to probe future directions.

We also help to better understand people of today — what, how and why they do, and how their activities unfold in the real life contexts, in the unfolding ‘fabric of life’.  This is not only about research — we enable co-research and meaningful encounters that also create a higher level of empathy.

We create opportunities to experience these futures, to play with them in realistic yet risk-free way (well, almost). It helps our clients to transform mindsets — their own but also their partners and clients, and better prepare for the challenging tomorrows.

Understanding People, Exploring Futures and Transforming Minds are not just consecutive steps of a certain process. The challenge is to practice them simultaneously to enable the new to emerge.


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