Summ( )n is team of passionate and experienced professionals that help you to create the new, being it new product or service, new brand or new business model. We help you to innovate in a new way.

We are doing it by helping you to better understand the people of today – what, how and why they do things they do, and how these activities unfold in real life contexts.  At the same time we help you to explore the possible futures - the futures of cultures and societies, industries and markets, or the futures of your own enterprise.

We also create opportunities to experience and probe these futures, to play with them in realistic yet risk-free environments (well, almost), thus transforming your minds.

In short, We summon the futures. For you to play with them now!

Let’s talk; we love conversations! It is through the conversations we can better understand you, and eventually create our immersive, interactive and playful experiences that will give you a chance to transform yourself into new, more ‘future-ready’ selves.


NB: Yay! We made it! The GOOD’13, Great Outdoors of Design gathering of the large and REACH family was fabulous! It was both a privilege and a sheer joy to participate in these two days of professional firework of ideas, inspirations and insights, glued with personal bonding and empathy. More on the event later, but here is the group photo of all the REACH-ers who came to Eindhoven this year: