Summ( )n helps to create The New – being it new product or new service, new brand or new business model, or a new mindset with which you approach innovation.

We help to better understand people of today: what and how they do (and why they do it in this way), and how these activities unfold in the real life contexts.  At the same time we can in exploring the possible futures — the futures of cultures and societies, industries and markets, and the futures of your own enterprise or brand.

We also create opportunities to experience and probe these futures, to play with them in realistic yet risk-free (well, almost) environments, thus transforming your minds.

Understanding People, Exploring Futures and Transforming Minds are not just consecutive steps of a certain process.
The trick is that they have to be done simultaneously in order to open a portal to the possible futures, to glimpse there, and then leverage on what you’ve learned by developing novel ideas and propositions already today.