Impressions from Summ( )n Summer Sessions

Our summer sessions on Future Probing are all done! Or at least this inaugural batch is done, we already know that we will do many more of these sessions in the near future. It was a great experience for us at Summ()n, to prepare and to promote these workshops, and then eventually to conduct them.  Despite the method itself is very familiar to us, we still have learned a lot of useful lessons that will help us to improve these exercises.

One of the key conclusions (and main feedback from the participants) is that we have to be much more instructive. In our normal, project-based work we tend to be very open and flexible (we must be like that, in fact). But these demo versions require a bit more didactic form, more clear instructions and more articulated feedback. Points taken, and we will make these qualities more vivid in the following sessions.

In addition to these training session we have been requested to think about more topical, or thematic sessions, the ones that would also help to explore certain domains. ‘Energy’ was mentioned most often as a possible candidates for such a session, both in terms of ‘energy for devices’, but also personal energy.

Special thanks to our new partners that we found during the preparations of these events – Dutch Future Society and Brainport Development. Both agencies have endorsed us so far, and are keen to further explore the opportunities in the future.

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