MyFutures Workshop: It did happen!

I wrote about the MyFutures project earlier this year (when we visited its inaugural conference – MyFutures Symposium in TU Delft) and then later about our presentation of the Future Probing method to the team (MyFutures & More). The idea to run a demo session was coined back then but it remained fairly vague and the date of such a session kept being postponed.

Meanwhile, we were too busy with other projects, including our duo Future Probing session for the Nottingham Trent University, and nearly lost any hope to do something with the MyFutures team. Fortunately, the idea didn’t completely sink and eventually we have prepared and run this session!

The session itself was extremely short, and also combined with other activities (such as presentation of the three key ‘cases’ that were researched by the consortium’s teams (below you can see a moment of one such presentation):

Nevertheless, the session went through all main phases of the Future Probing method (and even included the preparation phases, when the ‘signals of the future’ were collected by the participants!)  We, of course, also prepared our own (limited) set of the future signals, in four domains (New Health(care), New Wealth(care), New Space(care) and New Media(care), but it was important that many participants made their ‘homeworks’, too.

Due to the limited time available to read all these new materials we of course had the moments of struggle with the ‘future signals’:

But at the end all three groups managed to go through the different domains and opened their corresponding ‘portals’ to the futures'”

The part related to building of the ‘future worlds’ was (expectedly) more engaging and full of fun (and it was also the subject of particular interest of the project’s research team):

The questions were not only about why we run this stage of the Future Probing process, but also how:

The last stage, of development and presenting the ‘future probes’ was (as always) the major fun:

Fortunately it was also ‘serious fun’, combined with reflective moments, not only about the concepts (and the ‘future worlds’ behind them), but also with considerations and reflections about the method itself, and its applicability to the MyFutures project.

A good day, and we are looking forward to seeing its impact on design directions that the team will undertake!

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