Extreme Futures with Overijssel Province

Ah, what an excellent news to start the year with! Our proposal for a Future Probing project Trendbureau Overijssel was approved and will be running the program with them later this spring.

It’s a great news in a number of ways: the work with governmental organisations is always an honour and stuff… but it is also always very difficult to get (or at least it takes a lot of time). In this case the approval of our proposal happened relatively quickly – also because our commissioner had a first-hand experience of Future Probing already!

Earlier in 2016 Hans Peter Benschop, a head of the Trendbureau, participated in our Summer School about Future Probing method. Despite the exercise was very basic, it was interesting and inspiring, to the extend that he later invited us to submit a proposal for a Future Probing program with this Dutch province.

And a cherry on a pie is the title of the program -Extreme Overijssel! Summ( )n was invited to facilitate the exploration of the fresh and novel ideas about the possible futures, beyond the today’s ‘trend litany’. A thrillingly interesting exploration is ahead, superb! More news to follow.

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