What do we do, exactly?

As we said, we help.

This help may come in form of long-term projects or a short sessions, online consultations or participation in one of our games. We discuss with our clients and then decide which of our main competences (or what combination of them) is most relevant, and what tools and methods would work best.

We’ve learned that the best way to show how all these things work is to describe specific projects. We tell about some of them in the section about our recent projects).  Here is just a short overview of what we do in these three areas:




Understanding People

Exploring Futures

Transforming Minds

Values Humanistic Agile Responsible

Methods & Tools

  • Contextual encounters
  • Co-research with people
  • Creative sessions to co-develop
    the new offers
  • Collecting ‘future signals’
  • Strategic sessions to make sense of these signals
  • Co-developing ‘future probes’
  • Presentations and training workshops
  • Master-classes and creative sessions
  • Serious games and ‘future probes’




Read more about our specific expertise and experience in in Understanding People, Exploring Futures, and Transforming Minds.


Of course, we don’t do our work within these separate clusters only. In fact, the best projects always combine all three these competences, in one way or the other. We also explore a few meta-themes, such as emerging digital lifestyles and emerging business practices, and develop our integrated solutions for them.

Among the most recent themes that we have helped our clients with were:

Digital transformation of business, toward new e-orbits


Changing manufacturing business into customer centric enterprise


Moving from only creating new value to efficiently capturing value