Exploring Futures

Future is a big business today, and crowds of ‘future gurus’ and ‘trend-watchers’ are out there with their prophecies. We don’t say they are all necessarily wrong, simply our approach is different. We never claim the knowledge of any particular ‘future trend’ (a contradiction in terms, in fact), instead we help our clients to explore the possible futures more actively, and become anticipatory and better prepared for turbulent tomorrows.

Sensing ‘signals of the future’

We constantly identify and collect the manifestations of the emerging technological and industrial developments and map them onto the relevant social and cultural processes. During this process we keep our focus on the specific client’s domain, but also always broaden our scope of ‘future signals’.

But it’s not enough to simply compile large piles of raw data, however interesting they may be. One has to ‘connect the dots’, to extract the meaning of these signals in a particular context, to make sense of all these ‘future signals’.

Making sense of the future signals

We use different formats  that help people to spot the common patterns in all these multiple manifestations and then to align their ideas into the shared future visions. Our strategic sessions and conversations are also enabled with various tools that help people to ‘dig deeper’, to avoid superficial cliches and to gain fresh perspective on the futures.

Probing the future

‘Probes of the future’ are daring concepts of the new products, services or communications that we develop together with our clients to test the hypotheses about possible futures. The probes allow to validate – or discard – our ideas, and to explore the future of a business in dialogue with the customers and partners.

To support the process of exploring the futures we have developed a special method (and corresponding set of toolkits) called FutureProbing™ . Read more about this tool here.