Spirals of Transformation

Games, and not only video games or online games, but the games of all sort, have quickly became an integral part of our life. It seems that the whole world is becoming orbis ludens, the world playing. According to some estimates, the amount of population who play different digital games has already exceeded two billion people.

In addition to – or may be better say, triggered by this rapid rise of games – another phenomena has also emerged. Gamification, the practice of using different tools and techniques used in games for non-gaming purposes (business, education, marketing and management) has become not only a popular theme, but also a rapidly growing industry.

At Summ()n we actively apply the tools and methods of game design and gamification in our own work on innovation. We also help our clients to master these useful skills.

During our Spiral of Gamification workshop we introduce an innovative framework of transformative gamification that can guidethe development of meaningful and culturally-specific serious games and gamification tools.  We also introduce a wide range of tools and methods of gamification, together with real-life illustrations of successful – and not so successful – use of gamification in business.

And of course we practice what we preach! The workshop itself is designed as a game, the game of developing different games and immediately seeing if they are good or not.

During this Spiral of Gamification workshop every team develops 4-5 different games, each time gaining feedback from other participants and from the moderators.

Total duration of the workshop is one day (which can be divided into two half-days), with 12-16 participants in total. Summ( )n presents the framework of gamification, illustrated by a large number of cases, provides a set of tools and templates to run the games and provides feedback on all stages of the exercise.

You can download the description of this workshop here: Spirals of Gamification: Becoming the Master of Games