Understanding People

We use many tools and methods to understand not only what people do in specific contexts, but also how they do it and – most importantly – why. We help our clients to better understand people, their activities, attitudes and beliefs.

When we say ‘people’, we don’t only mean ‘users’ or ‘consumers’ (we in fact try to avoid these labels). Your business partners or suppliers are also people, as so are your own employees.  Better understanding of multiple groups of people that impact your business is a foundation of your constant success.

We prepare and conduct various form of contextual encounters with people: These could be in-depth interviews and participatory observations, gathering stories and collecting rich data (photos, videos and material artifacts) about the lives of different people. Lately it is of course also include the activities of people online that become an integral fact of our life fabric.  The pictures below are the snippets from the fieldworks we have done, and you can find many more examples in our project page.

Contextual encounters

But we don’t treat people merely as the objects of our studies –  we work with them with equal partners, enabling their active participation in gathering and interpreting information about their lives, and transform research into co-research. This may range from making pictures or videos on our behalf to a situation when people almost become researchers themselves, and even suggest new, better tools to capture the richness of their lives.

Co-researching with people 


And we don’t just bring the ‘data’ to our clients – we involve them into our research projects as active partners, too. This active participation of various groups of people during the research phase often leads to their creative involvement in ideation and development of new ideas, on pair with designers, engineers and marketing professionals.

Co-creating new values with people


We prepare and conduct these co-creative sessions – with their existing or potential customers, with partners – or sometimes even with competitors (who might become your future partner!)

These are all very relevant and necessary activities – but they often take significant amount of time and efforts. We have created a special tool, PresenTense™, that helps in gaining deeper insights into motivations of people and their ‘cultural networks’, yet do in a (relatively) short period of time. Read more about this tool here.