People are social; and cultural, too

As rightly spotted by the British poet John Donne, we are not individual creatures (as we often tend to believe), but always social, always cultural, always part of a collective. And the ‘cultural’ and ‘social’ are not the things laying ‘out there’, they are inner, integral part of us, interiorized during our personal development and constantly defining and shaping our individual actions. To truly understand individual activities, we have to be able to sense what’s behind them, what motivates and guides and always consider these inner social and cultural mechanics operating within us.

To develop meaningful and people-centric products and services companies need to understand these people much better: what they do, how they do it, where and when. Very importantly, they need to also understand why people behave in this way.

PresenTense is an active learning workshop (a combination of master-class and a serious game) about contemporary methods of people research and people-centric innovation.  The workshop provides an overview of modern methods and tools of contextual, participatory research and collaborative innovation, illustrated by real-life cases.

PresenTense also offers a series of interactive exercises that help participants to learn all these methods by doing, or rather by playing them in form of ‘serious game’.  Working in teams, the participants go step by step through an entire process of people-driven innovation, from gathering data about (or with) people, to generating insights, developing convincing communication, and then finally translating these insights into products and services that are truly responding to the needs of people.

Total duration of the workshop is one day (that can be also divided into three shorter sessions), with 15-18 participants. Summ( )n provides a full set of tools and templates for all stages of the session, and also provides guidance and feedback at all stages of the PresenTense exercise.

You can download the description of this workshop here: PresenTense: Understanding people in contexts of cultures and societies