Who are we?

Summ( )n has started in 2010 from the idea of its two co-founders, Slava Kozlov and Katerina Khomenchuk.

The idea behind Summ()n has attracted more people, and Summ( )n has been joined by a number of associates from various fields (research, design and IT), including

Otto Kokke

Nikolay Yaremko

Zoe Kulsariyeva

Alexei Kulakov

Some of them are still with us, while others have chosen another avenues – for example, we are proud to know a very original musician and a frontman of an extremely avant-garde collective Dead Neanderthals – also known as Otto Kokke!

During last five years we collaborated with many interesting individual entrepreneurs and companies and organizations, with many of whom we have established lasting working relationships and partnerships.

Alexei Levene


Lorna Goulden
(The Netherlands)


Alannah Sandehl


Alexei Kruzhkov


* * *

In 2012 Summ( )n joined an international 12 members strong network of design research agencies called Reach that connected us to a large community of pioneering professionals in this field and made capable to design and conduct truly global projects.

This is the picture from our bi-annual reunion, held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Read more about GOOD’13 – The Great Outdoors Of Design.

* * *

From the beginning of 2016 we have joined a very interesting collective called Founded By All. Based in Eindhoven, The Netherland, and located in the historical building Klokgebouw, FBA is a community of 20+ creative companies that includes designers, IT professionals, VR enthusiasts, new media and old craft. We look forward to further enhance our own expertise, and also to contribute to the activities of our new tribe!


* * *

We believe that knowledge about today’s realities, constant efforts to explore the futures, and permanent changes of yourself on this way are essential for innovation. But these are not the only things that are needed – we work with designers and scientists, engineers, businessmen. We also work with artists, academia, media and governments, because all these expertise are required for innovation projects, too.

It is not about ‘the more, the merrier’. It’s about brining the right forces of innovation in the right moment of time.