Our recent projects

We present here just a few examples of our most recent projects, to show the diversity of our clients and partners, and of the projects we do with them. Due to the nature of our work we can not always share the details of the projects, and so these stories are mainly focussed on the methods and tools we used, and the results that we have achieved together.


Beyond ‘smart textile’: Exploring strategic futures with a leading R&D groups in advanced textile

Serious game (simulation) on e-commerce to train regional teams of large FMCG

Future Probing session for MyFutures project

Ethnographic research of premium healthcare services in Russia

Video-ethnography of the usage of mobile phones by different categories of people

Contextual research for water purification system in India

Strategic session for product & marketing mix for US manufacturer of design materials

Strategic session on customer-centric services for the world-largest glass manufacturer

Exploring the futures for a research agency in Kazakhstan

Workshop on gamification tools and techniques for communication company

Training session on people research methods and development of personas

Master-class on ‘Responsible Creativity’ for a program of entrepreneurship in Trento