Beyond ‘smart textile’: Exploring strategic futures with a leading R&D groups in advanced textile

We have prepared and conducted, together with our Reach partners (STBY) a large strategic session for one of the leading R&D centres in the area of smart textile (or broader, Advanced Textile). The focus was dual: to help them in exploring the possible futures of the domain itself, but also to see what kind of new organisational qualities they have to develop to capture the potential of this rapidly evolving field.

In reality we have done two consecutive session, one with internal team and the next one, with their partners and peers from other universities and organisations. In both cases we used our Future Probing method to help the teams in exploring their futures, but in both cases the method was heavily customised, and included a set of backgrounder cases, for example, or special creative exercises to sharpen the discussion and obtain somewhat deeper insights.

The results are still under embargo, but we expect an announcement of the new (non-)centre soon!