UPDATE:  Both events are sold out. We will announce the schedule of new Future Probing workshops soon.

Following our very successful series of pilot sessions on Future probing (see some impressions from one of the events here), we decided to run another batch. Only this time these will be a bit more thematic workshops, centered around the things financial. We call it ‘{smart} money’, but the topic is wider than only bitcoins, blockchains and any other latest fintech buzzwords.

We will look at the these, and many more financial ‘signals of the future’, too. But as always with our Future Probing approach, we will be also exploring other domains, such as design, new media and new emerging lifestyles.  We will show you how to spot the ‘future signals’, how uncover their no-so-obvious meanings, and detect a common future themes.

And of course it won’t be only about analytical work: at the end you will learn how to design your own ‘future probes’, creative concepts that will help you to test the futures and better prepare your business for complex tomorrows.

Money changes everything (or so Cyndi Lauper sang). Let’s explore how money itself is being changed, how it may impact us all in the near future – and to stay ahead of these inflection points!