New Beginnings: On futures, and pasts

A lot of things happened with Summ()n since our last post here (back in March, wow!) Many interesting projects, events, meetings, people – perhaps one too many, as we hardly had time to write about them here in our blog. Fortunately, we had a (relatively) calm and peaceful month of August, to reflect on the latest and to plan the next. There will be more postings about the very recent and current projects, soon, and also more content-related pieces: we decided to return to the practice of the earlier days of Summ()n when we actively wrote about many ‘other things’, and not only about our own projects.

Speaking about ‘many things’: these are many stone of Carnac, a Palaeolithic monument in Bretagne, France, that we visited earlier last month. Sometimes to look better into the future we need to look deeper into the past.