Gamescom’16: Games of the future

Summ()n is not a game design agency per se, but the topics of games and play (and many collaterals, such as ‘serous games’ and gamification) are very central to what  we do. At the end, we suggest that the only way to deal with the futures is to play with them!

Gamescom, the annual exhibition/ trade fair of games in Cologne, one of the largest events of this kind in the world, is thus an obvious attractor for us. We were visiting this expo almost every year when Summ()n existed (missing only 2010, if I remember). The event always serves a source of information about the latest developments and trends, a source of new inspirations for our own games, and o course simply a source of fun 🙂

This year we went to Gamescom again, but didn’t manage to write about it here in our blog, being very busy with preparations of our Future Probing sessions here in Eindhoven. Perhaps, a bit retroactively, but I would like to share some of the impression from this event:

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