MyFutures Workshop: It did happen!

I wrote about the MyFutures project earlier this year (when we visited its inaugural conference – MyFutures Symposium in TU Delft) and then later about our presentation of the Future Probing method to the team (MyFutures & More). The idea to run a demo session was coined back then but it remained fairly vague and the date of such a session kept being postponed.

Meanwhile, we were too busy with other projects, including our duo Future Probing session for the Nottingham Trent University, and nearly lost any hope to do something with the MyFutures team. Fortunately, the idea didn’t completely sink and eventually we have prepared and run this session!

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MyFutures & More


This is what happens when I forget to take pictures during our meetings 🙁 I then have to use any other (more or less) relevant images to illustrate it – in this case, this is just a picture of sunny but a very stormy day of Feb 24th, when we had a follow-up meeting with the MyFutures team.

I wrote earlier about a 1/2 day conference that we attended earlier in January (MyFutures Symposium in U Delft), and also mentioned that I sent my feedback about MyFutures’ approach. Well, apparently this and other conversations within the project team lead to invitation to a meeting  where we would tell more about our Future Probing method.

The meeting was kindly hosted by the Alissa+Nienke, a design studio in Eindhoven (Alissa van Asseldonk, one of the co-founders, was present, too). It was quite intense conversation, very amicable too, but with a lot of ‘probing questions’. I sense that what we do (and the dolphins!) have stirred a considerable interest.  We agreed to think about a possible demo version of Future Probing for the project team, perhaps later in the summer.

MyFutures Symposium in TU Delft

Few days ago we attended a very interesting event, a symposium (?) of the MyFutures project run by the Design Department of University of Delft together with a few partners. We have learned about this project last year, from our partners from STBY, but by then the information was very sparse.

Now there is a proper project website that explains the goals of the project and also reports on its key developments (MyFutures), but by the time we decided to go the exact scope of this endeavour was still pretty vague. Nevertheless, its key promise, as to develop the “Tools to support thinking about personal futures”, was obviously pretty dear to us in Summ( )n.

In short, the project is aimed to better understand how people (especially soon_to_be_old ones) think about their personal futures and what they do to make these futures ‘better’. If we replace ‘people’ to ‘companies’ that’s exactly what Summ()n does anyway (and we even thought about expanding our services to individuals, right from the start of the agency, though it’s still not happened).

Below is a short account of the event, and some thoughts along the lines (or rather ‘pictures’):

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