The Epic Days in Nottingham

What an intensive session it was! Or it were, because at the end the planned strategic workshop with the team from the Nottingham Trent University transformed into two, lasting in total for 8 days!

Some of these days were full of sober analysis 

While other were filled with wild creativity:

But either way (or rather reinforcing each other) these two-wing session lead to a creation of a fantastic new creature, Epic Yarns,  a new type of movement that will be yarning the future of smart fabric. (I still have to keep it a bit secret, and wait till the official announcement by the team, and after that I would definitely plan to write more about this exercise, and its results)

NB: Even this posting should be fact doubled, because I would have to also write and the second wing of the workshop, that one that was already conducted with the guests and partners of the new non-centre.

Fabulous days, epic indeed!

Visit to the Advanced Textile Group of the Nottingham Trent University

Quite an interesting follow-up of our conversation with Prof. Tom Fisher back in Twente last year! He told a bit about their research group, and about the Art and Humanities School of the Nottingham Trent University, and I told a bit about our methods of Future Probing. The latter has apparently made some sense, and we agreed to follow-up.

The follow-up has happened in form of my trip to the very Nottingham, and included a nice tour through the multiple units of the lab, and then a very interesting range of presentations and conversations with the team.

You never know these things upfront, but we could brew a join project one day soon!