Future Probing session about (and beyond) ‘Smart Textile’

Based on a number of our recent projects related to ‘smart materials’ and ‘intelligent wearables’ and following our method of Future Probing, Summ( )n has developed the next edition of our open training/demo sessions, similar to what we were offering during our Summer School of 2016.

The new program is codenamed The Future of Fabric, Fabric of the Futures (and as the title suggests, its goes beyond the usual ‘e-textile’ or ‘smart wearables’).  We practice this broader approach in our ‘real projects’, and don’t want to loose it in more simple versions either. Summ()n is planing to conduct a few such sessions in 2017/18, some by our own team, and some others in together with our new partners in this exciting – and literally exploding – area. Read the description of the session here, and subscribe to the first (inaugural) session that will be held in Eindhoven on Dec 12.