The Future of (Futuring About) Wearable Tech

I was planning to write this text much earlier, soon after I finished my short ‘field report’ about the WoW gathering in Eindhoven. Alas, things started to move a bit slower on this side. Anyway, it is ready now, even if in a very condense form, so read (and look at it) below.

As I wrote earlier, I was offered an opportunity to talk about the ‘future of everything’: of women, fashion, and yes, {smart} wearables, too. The only real constrain was that 1. it should be very short and 2. it shouldn’t be a ‘slideshow’ but a real conversation (itself a gross challenge these days!)

Following our approach at Summ()n, I didn’t plan, of course, to present yet another set of ‘trends’ accompanied with a few freakish pictures (a common currency of future gurus these days). Instead I thought to suggest a conversation about the very way we do our futuring, i.e., thinking about, imagining and eventually making the futures that we want. Following the constrains, I decided to bring with me not the ‘digital slides’, but some real (analogue!) artefacts to talk about.

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FutureGlimpse telco-way

Ok, that was a bit of a challenge! But at the end it happened to be the challenge-with-benefit!

We wanted to demonstrate our new tool, so called FutureGlimpse, to our new partner, an American agency i-Imagine (with the aim to develop a joint offer to the US market). The cross-continentality is still an issue here, as I can’t just hop to the other side of the ocean and present our ideas in Boston.

Yes, we can play telco… but our tools tend to require quite an intense group work that are still badly transferable via usual telecom technologies 🙁   And yet we managed – it wasn’t as good as the real workshop wold do, but ti was good enough to convey the message, and demonstrate the potential of our technique. Or rather techniques, as I also tried to push the envelope and present two complex tools at once – the future probing coupled with the FuturoGlimpse. Looks like it worked at the end, since we discuss a whole range of news steps!