Women of Wearables Eindhoven: Opening Event @ Glow’17


Historically, the three-letter abbreviation WoW always meant World of Warcraft for me (a great game, and a never-ending source of inspiration for our own ‘serious games’). It looks like I will have to learn another meaning, and a very different one – Women of Wearables.

This new WoW is not a game, but a movement that started in the IK to support and connect women in wearable tech (as we figured during our ‘epic’ project with the Nottingham Trent University, the concept of ‘wearable tech’ goes way beyond your usual suspects in form of ‘t-shirt with LED’. The new wave of technologies and practices around them will likely change the very fabric of our life – and so the title of our recent session, of course, the Fabric of the Futures.)

From us and back to the new WoW: It was a complete privilege to be invited to the opening session of the local chapter of this organisation, the WoW Eindhoven, that was held last Friday! It would be very exciting anyway, but it happened to be a completely thrilling experience, as I was the only non-woman at this event!

The initiative was started by two very remarkable ladies – Anna Crosetti from Creative Startup Network (left) and Yelena Kharitonova from Caravan Culture agency (right).

Yelena is a long-time friend of Summ()n and in fact was involved in running of one our earliest game, The City of Happiness (back then she worked under the Caviar Rouge brand).

But again, this time it was not about games (unless you treat them very broadly, in the Huizinganian sense). The program of the opening session was stunningly serious, yet also very creative and joyful, thanks to the talents of its two hostesses.

Speaking about ‘hosting’: The event was kindly hosted by onomatopee gallery (aka avant-garde publishing house, and also a good friend of Summ()n).  All the participants had need warmly greeted by Pernilla Ellens, gallery manager.   Continue reading