WoW Eindhoven follow-up – now with Tzarina

I’ve already written here about the Women of Wearables movement, and a very interesting inaugural event of their local chapter that I managed to attend last November (Women of Wearables Eindhoven). The program of this first gathering was excellent and rich (though I have to admit that my presence had a bit weird slant, too, as I was the only man in the 30+ audience of WoW ladies back then).

Never mind. In fact, quite opposite, the event lead to many other interesting developments, including our conversation with Marija Butkovic, the WoW’s founder, and with many other interesting people from this network. All these contacts keep enriching Summ()n’s own Future of Fabric program, and we also hope that Summ()n can inspire the WoW-ers, too.

Guess what? The next development turned to be ‘curiouser & curiouser’, as I was invited to the next WoW gathering in Eindhoven, but already as a key speaker! I was invited by Yelena van Kharitonova to talk about the future of… well, basically, of everything: women, fashion, wearables, and what not.

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Opening of the Caviar Rouge Project

A short, but a very interesting performance by Olimdjon Beknazarov opened the Caviar Rouge Project, part of the Dutch Design Week. The artist has combined seemingly uncombinable cultural traditions, blending the Japanese costumes, Christian music and Arabic body language in one impressive dance performance. And, as if it was not diverse enough a cultural cocktail, the performance was happening around a beautiful lighting installation by Chinese (!) artist Li Hui in the Dutch (!!) Museum of Artificial Light in Art (Centrum voor Kunstlicht in de Kunst) in Eindhoven. It surely symbolizes.

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Connecting cultures, summonning connections

Finally I met Yelena, from CaravanCultura creative agency/consultancy, a long time due contact. Based in Eindhoven, the agency organized a vast array of projects and initiatives all around Eurasia: from Moscow to Almaty, from Brussels to Belgrade, creatively mixing design, technology, cultural studies and art.

CaviarRouge was one of the latest proejct in the raw. Held during the Dutch Design Week’09, the forum explored possible developments of the design industry, today and in the future. The event was both playful and practical, and not only left pleasant memories but also opened new opportunities to collaborate and create new values for all its 40+ participants.


There is a strong affinity between the Summ( )n activities, both current and future, and projects by Yelena and CaravanCultura, and I am sure we will summon something very exciting very soon.

PS: As a useful feedback point, I’ve been told that Summ( )n should explain, once and for all, what does ‘summon’ exactly mean in our context. I thought it’s clear that we didn’t mean “an order to appear in court”, but rather a beautiful magical ritual of evoking, or calling something – or somebody – to appear, through spaces and time. Nope, we need to tell this story more explicitly; we will.